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I am a writer.

Here's a little story

She sat cross-legged and stared at the blank 'About' page of her website. Just a few sentences to describe myself. This should be easy.

'I have a scientific background in nursing, nutrition, and public health,' she typed.

"No, no, no. What are you writing, a cover letter? You left your academic career behind," her inner critic said.

She highlighted the sentence, hit delete, and bit the end of her index finger.

After some time, she typed again. 'The power of stories amazes me. No other medium reaches, so simply, into the soul. I stand amazed in the mirror that the writing process provides. The craft of fiction demands deep empathy and awareness of the world around me.'

"I guess it only takes a few years in Berkeley to learn how to speak hippie." The inner critic rolled her eyes.

The laptop landed on the couch, and she plodded into the kitchen. One clementine and six crackers later, she tried again.

'I write novels to explore issues that inspire me – femininity, authenticity, and epic love. I had other hobbies, but my desire to write a novel grew and grew until there wasn’t too much space for knitting, the ukulele, or watercolor. I am revising my first novel for publication and am drafting my second. I am lucky to call myself a writer.'

"Do you really want to say-"

I think this will do,” she said, interrupting the critic, and hit submit.

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Historical Novel society NORCAL Panel: HOW to start a novel, first paragraphs

October 20, 2018


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