All Things Book

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I have a thing for books. All things book actually – paperback books, hard covers, libraries (bonus points for the little free ones), book blogs, book jewelry, book T-shirts, bookstagram, and of course, bookstores.

One of my greatest joys in life is an afternoon saunter through a bookstore. Almost any bookstore will do. Even that crazy metaphysical one with all the crystals – okay, okay, especially that one.

It’s everything from the smell of the paper to brightly colored covers to the reverent quiet chatter of readers. And then there’s the part about being an aspiring author. Bookstores support writers and writers support bookstores. When authors schedule a book tour, who do they call? Bookstores. Preserving our independent bookstores helps preserve a market for our labor and a base for our tribe.

Well, with my huge thing for books, I have no idea why it has taken me so long to arrive at this this particular realization—if I want bookstores to stick around, I have to BUY BOOKS FROM BOOKSTORES.

My millennial butt has become extremely reliant on amazon especially because getting out of the house with two small kiddos in tow is tough. The immediate gratification of wanting a book and having that book delivered to my doorstep the very next day is also awesome. But. Not as awesome as the aforementioned afternoon saunter.

So I’m making a commitment. I am going to buy 90% of my books from my local independent bookstores. Even if that means ordering it from them and *gasp* waiting several days for it to arrive. This will mean, not just one, but TWO trips to a bookstore. How did I perceive this as a problem in the first place?

If you share my love of all things book and have money to spend on these delights, consider this commitment for yourself. Save the afternoon saunter in your hometown.

(Oh and then consider putting those books in one of those little free libraries after you’re finished so someone without the money to spend can enjoy it too.)

**A special thank you to my local bookstore, Mrs. Dalloway’s, for the SHOP LOCAL pin.